When Bamo’er U founder Dacky Zhao set out to create his own jewelry brand in 2003, he did so with the mission to celebrate every woman’s individuality. He was just missing one thing – a name for the company that would live up to such a mission. Only when Dacky met Cindy, his future wife, did he find the solution to his dilemma. “@Bamoer” was Cindy’s social media handle.

The word itself was made up by Cindy, with no literal meaning. But because it was now attached to this unique woman whom Dacky had already fallen head over heels for, “Bamoer” suddenly had all the meaning in the world. And so, the company gained a name just as unique as the woman who coined it, the jewelry it creates, and the women the jewelry is made for.

So what is a Bamo’er woman? She’s an individual who let’s her unique qualities shine, who doesn’t feel the need to hide the strengths she has to offer nor dampen the brilliance that her personality radiates. A Bamo’er woman celebrates herself and spreads that confidence and inspiration to others. Check out some of the bright women below whom we’re lucky to have as part of the Bamo’er community.