18K rose gold jewelry earrings

The sun shines through the gaps of the leaves, scattered in the colorful flowers, following the fragrance of the green grass, walking barefoot under the tree-lined trees, and the clothes skirts are scattered randomly around the flowers, just like the colorful flowers. The golden butterfly that shuttles through the flowers is light and elegant.

The water on the grass was shimmering with sunlight,Glittering and translucent, emitting a multicolored light,Walking slowly towards the breeze,As confident as a Innate model,Under the lighting of the stage,Like a spring breeze.

bamoer Earrings

Fashion Flower Champagne Earrings,using German imported plating process, environmental protection alloy plating real gold 18K champagne color, using repeated meticulous polishing technology, fluent lines, bright color, wearing shows the nobility and elegance of women. The use of zircon in ear studs is excellent in quality and bright in quality.

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