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Bamoer Dangle Ear Cuff with Chain Silver

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Sterling Silver, Pearl

Flower Ear Cuff Earrings

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Bamoer Lovely Bee Jewelry for the Super Sweet Ones

Pick up Bamoer lovely bee jewelry collections for the super sweet ones now! The bees are always indispensable at splendid summer day. It's time for us to slow down, and smell the flowers like a bee, and taste the super sweet honey of life. From zircon to rhinestones, 925 sterling silver to 14K gold, Bamoer offers you various kinds of bee jewelry for you to choose. Just like no two leaves are the same, no bee jewelry is similar in design to the others in Bamoer jewelry store. Each bee earring, necklace, bangle bracelet and ring is completely different. Once you wear them, a new bright spot will be added. Bees are also symbolic of love, and Bamoer bee jewelry is the perfect gift for the super sweet one.


Bamoer Bee Earrings

Bamer Bee Jewelry Collections includes many unique and beautiful bee earrings that can meet different needs. Our bee earrings are inspired by buzzing honey bee earrings, bumble bee earrings, queen bee earrings, and others. Inspiring the beauty of nature to these bee earrings, we try to make the design realistic. In addition, Bee earring in malachite is fashionable and interesting. The use of different high-quality raw materials also makes our bee earrings excellent value for money. There are also different styles of bee earrings like dangly bee earrings, fish hook bee drop earrings, bee huggie hoop earrings etc. And you must never miss it for your daily wearing.

Bamoer Lovely Bee Earrings Jewelry for the Super Sweet OnesBamoer Lovely Bee Earrings Jewelry for the Super Sweet Ones

 Bee Stud Earrings, Huggie Hoop Earrings, Chain Dangle Earrings from $25.99 / $49.99


Bamoer Bee Necklace

There can never be without one exquisite bee necklace in the hot summer. Bee necklace jewelry has become a popular trend because of its uniqueness and creativity. Here at Bamoer, you can find many bee pendant necklaces in various colors and designs. Bamoer's excellent designers take inspiration from the bees themselves. They fully use grade A materials including shiny zircons, soft pearls, real gold plating, malachite and so on. Therefore, you can find a beautiful bee on the pendant, how interesting! These bee-inspired necklaces are not only popular bee necklace jewelry, but also a fashion trend for now and always.

Bamoer Lovely Bee Jewelry for the Super Sweet Ones

Bee Jewelry Necklaces from $35.99 / 49.99 

Bamoer Bee Bracelet

Bamer bee chain and charm bracelets are carefully designed and polished. The sterling silver bangle can be matched with any style of bee charms. Charms inspired by bees, or intricate honeycomb designs as elements, talented masters use enamel and gold plated to create treasure. Just like the glitter of a beautiful bee and the sweetness of honey, Bamoer bee bracelets will definitely enhance your overall beauty. The 925 sterling silver material also ensures that it is suitable for everyone and friendly to the skin. Moreover, the original designs make Bamoer bee jewelry a unique and proud accessory for your jewelry box.

 Bamoer Lovely Bee Bracelets Jewelry for the Super Sweet Ones

Bamoer Lovely Bee Bracelets Jewelry for the Super Sweet Ones

 Bee Jewelry Charm Bracelets $35.99 / $79

Bamoer Bee Ring

Bamoer's talented designer combines flowers and bees to create a lot of cute bee ring designs. Look at the following Bamoe bee rings! The daisy represents purity, and the bee is the symbol of diligence. Also, the combination of the two is full of good wishes; wish you can be simple and happy. The big gemstone is also transparent and shiny; you are as beautiful as flower, even cute honey bee lingers more moment for you. May you feel like a queen zircon bee, and it is also an elegant, perfect match with all kinds of clothing!

Bamoer Lovely Bee Ring Jewelry for the Super Sweet Ones

   Bee Jewelry Ring $39.99 


The bees are dancing in the flowers to gather honey. Maybe, they are natural flower keepers, enjoying the beautiful flowers every day. Women can buy these beautiful bee jewelry to further enhance your charming personality. Wish you can also taste the sweetness of life every day!




From cute ear studs, stylish ear cuffs, classic minimal, to chic style hoops and gentle dangles earrings & more.
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