How to clean and maintain silver jewelry?

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1.why dose wearing silver jewelry go black for a long time?

Why does silver turn black? Silver jewelry blackening is called silver oxidation phenomenon. No metal in the world can resist oxygen. As long as there is oxygen, it will produce oxidation phenomenon.Silver ions and sulfur ions have a great affinity, which is easy to produce chemical reaction. Silver sulfide is formed on the surface of silver. Silver sulfide is grey-black. The silver sulfide produced by long-term oxidation increases, making white silver jewelry black.

2.How to solve the oxidation phenomenon?

(1)Silver polishing cloth:scratches are small, but if used for a long time, the surface of ornaments will also produce small scratches.

(2)Silver washing water: Corrosive, can remove dirt, but will make jewelry lose luster, it is recommended not to use.

Standard silver jewelry

3.How to maintain silver jewelry?

The oxidation cleaning method of the appeal silver is a little Hurt to silver jewelry. There is no better way,It is recommended not to use. In order to maintain the silver jewelry, we need to pay attention to the following points:

(1) The best way to maintain silver jewelry is to wear it every day. The grease of human body will make silver jewelry produce natural and warm luster.

(2) avoid sticking with hair gel, perfume and skin care products, which will cause the luster to weaken.

(3) Do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time to avoid collision, deformation or abrasion. 925 silver content is very high, ductility is strong, do not pull hard.

(4) Avoid contact with chemicals and hot springs and seawater.

(5) When sleeping, take it off and don't wear it. When washing clothes and bathing, take it off as far as possible to avoid encountering alkaline substances.

(6) Do not wear jewelry when exercising. Sweat contains sulfur. Silver jewelry will react chemically and make silver jewelry black.

(7) Avoid putting multiple jewelry together in order to avoid collision and scratch and affect texture.

(8) Silver jewelry can be sealed and preserved without wearing, so as to avoid contact with air.

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