by Jack Zhu November 16, 2018

Have you heard of the mermaid princess? Living in the depths of the sea, with a beautiful face and wonderful singing voice, but full of longing for the world on the sea, the little mermaid princess.

Mermaid Princess

Once, the little mermaid came out of the water and saved the prince who fell into the sea. She was deeply attracted by the prince. The little mermaid who could not go ashore could only wait for someone to save the prince. When the prince woke up, he mistakenly thought The neighboring princess who was with him was his savior and loved her very much. The little mermaid returned home after seeing it sadly.

Because the little mermaid misses the prince, she bids farewell to her family at night, finds a witch, and is willing to exchange her own voice with the witch to turn the fishtail into a leg of a potion, and she can never return to the sea. The little mermaid drinks the potion to find The prince, but the news of the wedding of the prince and the neighboring princess came. The little mermaid desperately found the palace of the prince to dance for him. The dance was gentle. No one knows that every step of her jump is as painful as walking on the broken glass slag.

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The mermaid sisters heard about the action of the little mermaid, and exchanged their own hair for the magic spell that can lift the little mermaid - a sharp knife, as long as it is inserted into the prince's chest, the spell can be lifted, and the little mermaid can return The sea is free to live. At night, the little mermaid stood by the sleeping prince and could not use the sharp knife.


The little mermaid came to the beach and looked at the distant hometown. She missed her family and missed her sisters. The body slowly began to become transparent. It was dawn, and people only saw the white foam that was beating on the waves.

Sea foam

The little mermaid bravely pursued his love. Even if she sacrificed a precious thing, even if she was separated from her family, she would not be afraid and bravely accept the dawn of the next day. May you be as beautiful and generous as the little mermaid, brave and kind, not afraid of setbacks and difficulties, and go forward to pursue freedom and happiness.

Jack Zhu
Jack Zhu


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