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Bamoer Cute Elephant Necklace Gemstones Necklace

Bamoer Cute Elephant Necklace

The shape of the cute baby elephant is lifelike, and it embraces the dazzling heart-shaped zircon, bringing good luck and strength.Material: Sterling Silver &...
Bamoer Elephant Necklace Gold Necklace

Bamoer Elephant Necklace

Designer used gold coins, and retro reliefs combined with eco-friendly themes to bring the power of love and appeal for the necklace.Material: Sterling Silver...
Bamoer Corgi Necklace Bamoer Corgi Necklace

Bamoer Corgi Necklace

Classic heart-shaped elements combined with paper clip shape, simple design expresses love for lovers.  Material: Sterling Silver & Platinum(Plated) Stone: Cubic Zirconia Length(Chain): 45cm...
Bamoer Cute Bunny Earrings Pearl Earrings

Bamoer Cute Bunny Earrings

The cute bunny elements are embellished with warm shell beads to add a little fun to the shape.Material: Sterling SilverProcess: Oil(Dripped) Stone: Shell Pearl(Artificial)Size:...
Bamoer Fantasy Fish Tail Earrings Bamoer Fantasy Fish Tail Earrings

Bamoer Fantasy Fish Tail Earrings

The classic fishtail shape is embellished with bright zircon, creating a dreamy ocean atmosphere.Material: Sterling Silver & Platinum(Plated)Stone: Cubic ZirconiaSize: 2*1cmWeight: 1.2 g
Bamoer Cute Bears Earrings Animal Earrings

Bamoer Cute Bears Earrings

The cute bear shapes are embellished with shining zircons, showing the vigorous atmosphere in your ears.Material: Sterling Silver & Rose Gold(Plated)Process: Oil(Dripped)Stone: Cubic ZirconiaSize:...
Bamoer Pearl & Elephant Earrings Animal Earrings

Bamoer Pearl & Elephant Earrings

Warm pearls represent the gentle personality of the elephant, and the bright zircon shines their precious and dazzling Material: Sterling Silver & Platinum(Plated)Stone: Cubic...
Chamaeleonidae Earrings Gemstones Earrings

Bamoer Chamaeleonidae Earrings

Designer used brilliant zircons to present colorful chameleons, while calling on people to protect the ecological environment, and protect their survival habitat.Material: Sterling Silver...
Bamoer Heart-Shaped & Mouse Earrings Ear clip

Bamoer Heart-Shaped & Mouse Earrings

Playful and lovely mouse with proud gesture will gather the good lucks and fortune in the new year of the rat.Material: Sterling Silver &...
Bamoer Flamingos Earrings Bamoer Flamingos Earrings

Bamoer Flamingos Earrings

Exquisite and lovely flamingos with a strong tropical style come elegantly.Material: Sterling Silver & Gold(Plated)Stone: Cubic ZirconiaSize: 1.5*0.7cmWeight: 1.2 g
Cat Footprint Stud Earrings Opal Earrings

Bamoer Cat Footprint Stud Earrings

The cute cat and cat paw are paired with pink heart-shaped zirconium, and the asymmetric design shows a lively and sweet girlish style.Material: Sterling...
Bamoer Open Snake Ring Open Ring

Bamoer Open Snake Ring

Snake element, engraved with retro textures, green zircon is a symbol of mystery.Material: Sterling SilverProcess: Oxidized SilverWidth: 0.2cmWeight: 2.2 g
Bamoer Dream Crown Open Ring Rings For Pet Lover

Bamoer Dream Crown Open Ring

The crown symbolizes honor, with it as the element, decorated with colored zircon, shining brightly, lighting up your girl's heart.Material: Sterling Silver & Platinum(Plated)Stone:...
Bamoer Puppy Paws Bracelet Bamoer Puppy Paws Bracelet

Bamoer Puppy Paws Bracelet

The dog's paw pattern is inlaid with colorful opals, reflecting the brilliance in the sun. Brand: BamoerMetal: Sliver Sterling & Platinum(Plated)Stone: OpalDiameter: 5.9cm, ring...

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