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Some Recycled Silver

We’ve been doing this since 2003 and were one of the first brands to create jewelry that was in between fashion and fine, in what has now become known as the demi-fine category. All of our pieces are handmade in Vietnam, Thailand, and China, with each factory carefully picked for its highly skilled artisanship by our founder, Cindy Bamoer. Each design is made up of separate elements, all requiring skills and specialisms from different factories. This means when talking about switching to recycled metals there’s so much more to consider than just a straight swap – and anything done properly takes time. We are looking forward to setting it in the following days.

What? Our Mission

Inspire Positive

Creativity with LOVE


We Are Bamoer

As one of the demi-fine jewelry brands, we have been going since 2003. Designing all our unique and iconic pieces in-house at Manchester, based Mill Lees Street, Swinton HQ, we now ship to over 200 countries worldwide and partner with some of the world’s top retailers. We believe in quality craftsmanship and fashion-forward design that can be worn every day. Made to be a nature theme, our fine styles are the ultimate champions of self-expression.


Why Positive

We want to remind each woman ,especially the worldwide mothers to express their wisdom and uniqueness powerfully. We are proud to see other women who love to champion self-expression when they wear our creations or work together with us.
Our designers love the beauty of nature, each of our creations endows with magic, freedom, and good luck. 

What is LOVE

We teamed up with more than 1000 artisans -mothers to create handcrafted jewelry in endless color combinations—each one as unique as the person wearing it.

Our products are handmade in small communities and villages in Vietnam, Thailand, and China, by lovely groups of mothers that put their biggest effort into creating an amazing product just for you while giving special attention to every detail. Our production has created a sustainable system of support through work — not charity — offering a sense of dignity and creating opportunities for our skilled artisans to build a better life.

How to Keep Sustainability

“We growed up from green grass"

We’ve tracked and evaluated the environmental impact of our operations with the goal to get our carbon footprint to zero. That means for all the CO2 we produce during the creation of our jewelry, the running of our business, and the shipping of our orders—it all has to be counterbalanced with the same amount of oxygen.
This way we can sustainably give back for everything we take and can continually come up with new designs and ideas without harming the world we live in —think of it as fair trade with mother nature.

What is BAMOER Name

Bomoer name dates back to Cindy's trip to Greece, which means "Forest Fairy" in Greek mythology.

In the evening of 2003, it was raining heavily in Greece town. Cindy looked through the window and saw a small grass popping out of the ground. Also, some small lives working desperately all the time.
Cindy was heartbeats. She loves this piece of nature so much. Cindy named her business - Bamoer, which means "Forest Fairy" in Greece mythology.
Cindy Bamoer wants to bring the elves‘ love, Wisdom, beauty, and uniqueness, to infect the women around her to yearn for freedom, self-expression, and loving life.

Meet Our Founder

“I started Bamoer because I was trying to find fashion-forward jewellery that was high quality and also affordable."

“I am a mother of three children, I love my family, I love my jewelry, I want to give back to society.
Above anything else, I know that we are all part of something bigger and more important than ourselves or a brand.
I believe there is power in owning what you do, and I am so lucky to have a team that genuinely cares about improving a sustainable jewelry brand, just as much as I do. Every decision we make adds up and we want to create a brand that also works hard to give back, by taking the ‘better’ choice whenever we can.”
— Founder, Cindy Bamoer



Original Design

Our designers love the beauty of nature, each of our creations endows with magic, freedom, and good luck.


Some Recycled Silver

Our team who genuinely cares about improving a sustainable jewelry brand.


Environmental Protection

We continually come up with new designs and ideas without harming the world we live in. 

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Where We Are? 

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