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Green Culture

Green is the dominant color of Bamoer, which represents our efforts to create fashionable and environmentally friendly products. Furthermore, green represents vitality and evergreen symbolizing that our team is a lively team whose members are mostly young people in thei twenties. As our team is growing, the green culture always reminds us to stay strong, energetic and healthy.

Charm Culture

We have a unique family culture by using the word "charm" (originated from the predecessor of Bamoer, Silver Charm Jewelry) as the last name of each member of the company. This means that everyone in the company is a member of the Bamoer family, and we are all family members. We make our team members brothers and sisters, thus we are closer to each other. All of us work in an infinite familial harmonious environment.

“Military” culture

Strict discipline is a prerequisite for ensuring the smooth functioning of our team, thus better creating a team. At Bamoer, we introduce the military culture, and we will carry out the solemn flag-raising ceremony every regular morning meeting. All the members of the conference must attend on time, and the latecomers shall be punished accordingly. Through the strict requirements of "military discipline", our team's execution ability has been greatly improved, so that our team becomes more united.

"Lecturer" Culture

Three heads are better than one. In Bamoer, you could be a lecturer as long as you have unique insights and experience in a particular working area. We set a lecturer rewarding system internally to encourage more people to share their knowledge and make progress together.

"Early Meeting" Culture

Every Monday at 9:20 A.M., we have an early meeting, and the host serves as our family leader. During the early meeting once a week, family members get to know each other better. Through the game session, members are also more integrated into the family and enjoy the happy interaction of family. The last part of the early meeting is our gratitude session. We team members express our gratitude by putting a smiling face sticker on each other’s face, passing positive energy in this way.

"Afternoon Meeting" Culture

Every time after the lunch break from Monday to Thursday, the family members with spare time will gather at this big table to play funny little games together.

The "Birthday Party" Culture

The birthday party is not only a day to bless the "Birthday Star". More importantly, it gathers all people like family members, so that each member could truly feel the warmth of our big family.


Core Values

Integrity, learning, innovation, win-win

Team Spirit

Unity and mutual aid, work together, make brilliant achievements

Team Slogan

With king style, yield twice the result.

Vision and Mission

Make all the women in the world more beautiful.

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