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8 Most Popular Types of Earrings & Earring Backs

Have you been overwhelmed by the different type of earrings? Have you been confused by the types of earring backs? Today, Bamoer Fashion Jewelry continues to give you the most comprehensive guidance about earrings backs (earring findings) with pictures. 8 types of most popular earrings backs every woman who likes jewelry and beauty should know. Learning about different types of earring findings, you can choose earrings that suit you best, even for sensitive ears.

 8 Most Popular Types of Earrings & Earring Backs

Screw Back Earrings  

Screw Back Earrings are the most common types of earrings. It also consists of the post that goes through the piercing and fully screwed onto the earring. Most of Bamoer stud earrings are made in this way by skilled craftsmen. The screw back earrings may also be an ideal choice for your jewelry box. Simple and stylish, you deserve it.

Bamoer Screw Back Earrings

Push Back Earrings

The popular push back earrings can match with any ear studs. Usually, there is a small hole in the middle, and you can push the earrings in. It’s also very simple and comfortable to use. If you prefer to wear earrings quick and nice, the ease of use comes with the push backs.

Bamoer Silver Daisy Push Back Earrings

Fish Hooks Earrings 

Fish Hooks Earrings, or Shepherd Hooks Earrings, is also known as French Hooks Earrings. It is the most popular design with an elegant hook shape, which is affordable and easy to wear. This kind of earring has no back, but you don't have to worry about it slipping off. The only disadvantages about this kind of earrings back is that, when you wear a turtleneck sweater or a scarf, the ear wire maybe hooked forward.

Bamoer Honeybee Fish Hooks Earrings

Kidney Wire Earrings

As the name suggests, Kidney Wire Earrings offers a hook latches with security fit on the ear wire. Compared with fish hoop earrings, it adds a lock to ensure that the earrings will not slip off. It is not only lightweight, but also has simple wire design. Cheap and safe, it is an ideal choice of many customers.

Bamoer Kidney Wire Earrings

Hinged Earrings

Hinged earrings is a kind of advanced earrings with a little higher price. Featuring hinged post securely in place, you can wear it safe. This kind of earrings always used in hoops and huggie earrings. Choosing such kind of earring backs, it can show your personality. Perfect for woman, and friends jewelry gifts.

Bamoer Heart Hinged Earrings or Huggied Earrings

Leaverback Earrings

Leaverback earrings are more premium earrings, usually for dangling. Slightly different from other ear wires, it is more secure. They have a hinged backing, which securely snaps into place in the back earlobe. Due to their closed design, they are generally safer than French metal wires. Classic and so easy to put on and take off with the simple lever backs.

butterfly leverback earrings

Clip On Earrings

Clip on earrings are very friendly to sensitive ears. They are the most popular non-pierced earrings kinds. They are just stuck on the earlobes and fixed. If you hang a heavy pendent, it may slip off. For no-piecing girls, you can get much more selection from Bamoer Fashion Jewelry.

Bamoer Evil Eye Clips On Earrings

Earring Threads

Earring threads are the simplest kind of earrings, perfect for those who prefer modern and minimalist designs. With simple line thread through the lobe, it’s very simple to wear. If you like earring lines, we are glad to offers you wide options now.

Bamoer Earrings Lines


1. What are the best earrings hooks for sensitive ears?

The best earrings hooks for sensitive ears are silver, gold, titanium, and naturally nickel-free. Bamoer earrings feature 925 sterling silver and 14K gold vermeil, which are also certified by a national professional monitoring agency. Thousands of earring types are friendly to most people with sensitive ears. Choosing Bamoer jewelry online shop is a great choice.

2. What are the most secure earring backs?

The safest earring back is the screw back. It consists of a threaded column and a nut, and the nut is screwed on the column until it reaches the back of the earlobe. Cannot be unplugged-must be completely unscrewed.




From cute ear studs, stylish ear cuffs, classic minimal, to chic style hoops and gentle dangles earrings & more.


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