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Unique, Positivity, Confidence

Our Mission: Make women all over the world more beautiful. Each of our works has its own story and meaning. Our designers hope women who wear our products more beautiful, confident and show their own

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Snake jewelry

Discover more beauty about snakes

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Cat-shaped Earrings

The ''purrfect'' earrings for the cat lover's soul.

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Layering Necklaces

Embellishments and pendants anchor a simple chain with a sparkling personality

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Enchanting Unicorn Designs

Sparkle like a Unicorn! The unicorn earrings and necklaces add a refreshing ambiance.

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Elegant Crafted

Avant-garde Sets

There is a story behind each set, which is told in avant-garde and unique design language.

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Less is More

Modern Minimalism

Express modern fashion with minimalist design. Less is more.

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Customer Reviews


Classy, Stylish and Truly Nice!

has purchased a set of Bamoer necklace and earrings

Love the Bamoer nacklace and earrings set! This one has a blue, milky opalescent stone that glows in the sunlight with little hearts peeking through. Lovely details! They are just as beautifully crafted as my higher priced necklace and earrings.


Annie Le

Simple, yet elegant

has purchased a Rose Gold Plated Pearl Earrings

A beautiful flower earring with sparkling, dazzling colors and very unique. It Looks very special and exotic and is a good size; not too small and not too big. It is Perfect for the winter season and is on track for the current fashionable trend of sparkling crystals!! Great earrings to own and matches with anything for any occasion.

Annie Le

John Smith

Really really fantastic

has purchased a butterfly necklace

This is a beautiful butterfly necklace. The metal work on the setting is just fantastic.The stones sparkle like crazy.

John Smith


Exceptional quality and workmanship

has purchased a Unicorn Necklace and Earrings Set

Bamoer pieces are designed for women to wear everyday, they meets all my needs in different occassions.


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