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our story

In a mysterious land on the earth, there is a forest of magic, in which a king of the elves is known as BAMOER.
Everywhere she goes, the whole forest will be full of life and vitality.
The king of the elves has boundless energy.
The legend has it that anyone who wears BAMOER’ s jewelry will definitely have her wish fulfilled.
This amazing story is well known to the whole world, but it has to be told from the beginning.
One day, when BAMOER came to a forest, she found that there were many small animals and insects working hard, but lacks vitality.
Thus BAMOER cast a spell on the whole forest adding sparkling jewels to each creature, leaving every step they passed with vivid and charming colors
At that moment, the animals and insects became very joyful, singing and dancing in the forest and the flowers, water and trees were moved to provide music accompaniment and the whole forest was full of happiness
Since then everything has changed

Enterprise culture

Green Culture

Green is the dominant color of Bamoer, which represents our efforts to create fashionable and environmentally friendly products. Furthermore, green represents vitality and evergreen symbolizing that our team is a lively team whose members are mostly young people in thei twenties. As our team is growing, the green culture always reminds us to stay strong, energetic and healthy.

“Charm” Culture

We have a unique family culture by using the word “charm” (originated from the predecessor of Bamoer, Silver Charm Jewelry) as the last name of each member of the company. This means that everyone in the company is a member of the Bamoer family, and we are all family members. We make our team members brothers and sisters, thus we are closer to each other. All of us work in an infinite familial harmonious environment.