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BAMOER JEWELRY INC was established in 2014 in the UNITED STATES.
Our company is a professional jewelry merchant which help the jewelry manufacturer to sell jewelry online.
From April 2014 we have established a long-term relationship with "BAMOER" brand manufacturers. Solely responsible for the "BAMOER" brand in the United States Amazon sales.
Through Amazon we sell thousands of "BAMOER" jewelry to our customers in the United States.

"BAMOER" brand by a number of senior designers combined with the recent epidemic factors, fashion trends to design the most appropriate sales of jewelry.
The main products are silver DIY series, zircon series.

Shenzhen bamoer Fashion Jewelry co. Ltd combines the innovative design concepts and exquisite craft perfectly,

also insists on the integration between the fashion design and the elegant taste,

absorbing the artistic inspiration and giving others visual impact aesthetic enjoyments,

so as to create the famous fashion jewelry brand

with the artistic taste. And Bamoer jewelry is regarded as the fashion vanguard

The company inherits the tradition of jewelry making and artisan craftsmanship, and creates

many exquisite and fashionable products with originality,

leading the jewelry trend Since 2017, the company has set the strategic goal of collectivization development mode

Its supplier is Shenzhen Silver Charm Jewelry Co, Ltd, which has been practicing and operating for 14 years

This has prompted the Bamoer company to fast achieve the ideal effect

in the main business area of cross-border e-commerce, thus accelerating the collectivization process

Each jewel of the Bamoer brand has a unique, personalized and romantic cultural connotation

and profound implication. The brand holds the fashion trend and reflects the modern life style

so as to keep the concept of"making the jewelry always inherit its own DNA", thus creating its elegant,

efined and spiritual qualities

it was one of the most memorable years for Bamoer Just in this year,

several young founders gained insight into the development of the

jewelry industry and then started their own business. They believe

they can make females more beautiful, and they believe they can

make fashionable jewelry of good quality affordable to all females

around the world. Under the powerful drive of the dream, the supplier

of Bamoer, Shenzhen Silver Charm Jewelry Co, Ltd was established

Bamoer is a company that was born for love


In 2006, with the rise of e-commerce industry in China

Bamoer began to convert to e-commerce


In 2008, the brand expanded cross-border B2B e-commerce and laid

a good foundation for entering foreign markets in the next few years


In 2010, Bamoer established a branch in Hong Kong. By attending the

international jewelry exhibition in Hong Kong, increasing foreign females

started to know and focus on the Bamoer brand In the same year,

Bamoer entered into the B2C field, registering Ali Express and EBAY.


In 2012, the company formed an independent design team,

and its fashion accessories brand Bamoer came into being


In 2013, the company registered the Bamoer trademark

This independent design brand provides strong support for the

cross-border development of Bamoer' s B2C business


In 2014, the company launched Amazon, Wish, Lazada, CD and

other e-commerce sales channels, so that more Bamoer products came to

be used by foreign females. In the same year, Bamoer achieved the top

three sales figures in the AliExpress Double-l1 Event It was also a sign

that increasing customers favor products of Bamoer, whose global

development strategy began to deliver results


Since 2015, Bamoer has maintained a good performance on AliExpress

latform, with hundreds of millions of global females choosing

Bamoer products On the way forward, despite all the setbacks,

Bamoer has won high praise from global consumers for its excellent

quality and unique design


In 2017, with the continuous development of the company,

Shenzhen Bamoer Fashion Jewelry Co, Itd is officially registered

The company is positioned as the Bamoer group and became

the first cross-border e-commerce jewelry company in China in that year,

including export, customs declaration and tax refund business, and also

developed ERP system applicable to customs declaration tax refund

The mission of bamoer is to make females more beautiful all over the world

This also urges Bamoer to make good products. The biggest wish of Bamoer

is that every woman who wears bamoer can smile with confidence and be

proud of such high-quality products. In the future, Bamoer looks forward

to being with you!