Hoop Earrings – Bamoer Fashion Jewelry
Leaf Branch Earrings Olive Branch Earrings

Bamoer 1 Pcs Golden Branch Dangle Earrings

Every foliage is a new beginning and brings new hope.Material: 14K Gold Vermeil over Sterling SilverStone: Cubic ZirconiaDimensions: 11*3cmWeight: 10.1 gHypoallergenic
Dream Catcher Earrings for Women Gold Dream Catcher Earrings

Bamoer 1 Pcs Dreamcatcher Dangle Earrings

The dreamcatcher can capture the beautiful dream, and let the nightmare fade away with the morning sun.Material: Platinum Vermeil over Sterling SilverStone: Cubic ZirconiaDimensions:...
Golden Starry Hoop Earrings Quality Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Bamoer Gold Starry Hoop Earrings

The only star in the bright starry sky that belongs to me is you. Material: Gold Vermeil over Sterling Silver Stone: Cubic Zirconia Dimensions:...
Circle Earrings Large Circle Earrings

Bamoer Elf ball Hoop Earrings

The small Elf ball company with you in this big world and throw the loneliness out  Material: Rose Gold Vermeil over Sterling Silver Dimensions:...
Hoop Earrings Lucky Eye Jewelry

Bamoer Gold Lucky Eye Hoop Earrings

The all-seeing eyes filled with wisdom, which brings us good luck, attract wisdom, success, honor and wealth. Material: 14k Gold Vermeil over Copper Dimensions: 2.9*1.3cm...
Colored Feather Ear Buckles Hoop Earrings

Bamoer Colored Feather Ear Buckles

Inspired by the Indian tribal flavor, the colored drip oil process, dotted zircon is even more brilliant and unique.Material: Sterling Silver & Platinum(Plated)Process: Oil(Dripped)Stone:...
Bamoer Flowers Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings Bamoer Flowers Sterling Silver Earrings

Bamoer Flowers Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

The ring earrings decorated with round beads have a unique style. The platinum plating process makes the beauty more lasting. Material: Sterling Silver &...
Bamoer Intimate Lover Earrings Heart Earrings

Bamoer Intimate Lover Earrings

Love element, meaning two hearts to echo each other, each is the closest lover.Material: Sterling SilverProcess: Oxidized Silver & Oil(Dripped) Size: 2.5*1.2cmWeight: 2.9 g
Bamoer Geometric Studs Earrings Stud Earrings

Bamoer Geometric Studs Earrings

Choose geometric elements and asymmetrical designs with sparkling colored zircon and delicate electroplating platinum processes.Material: Sterling Silver & Gold(Plated)Stone: Cubic ZirconiaSize(triangle): 1.2*1.3cm, Size: 1.1*1.1cmWeight:...
Bamoer Colorful Ear Buckles Gemstones Earrings

Bamoer Colorful Ear Buckles

Simple ear buckles are embellished with colorful zircons to make your daily look more shining.Material: Sterling Silver & Platinum(Plated)Stone: Cubic ZirconiaSize: 1.3*1.3cmWeight: 1.7 g
Bamoer Secret Garden Earrings Zircon Earrings

Bamoer Secret Garden Earrings

The secret garden is full of colorful flowers and embellished with bright zircon, creating a romantic atmosphere at the ear.Material: Sterling Silver & Platinum(Plated)Stone:...
Chamaeleonidae Earrings Gemstones Earrings

Bamoer Chamaeleonidae Earrings

Designer used brilliant zircons to present colorful chameleons, while calling on people to protect the ecological environment, and protect their survival habitat.Material: Sterling Silver...
Bamoer Dazzling Double Ring Earrings Zircon Earrings

Bamoer Dazzling Double Ring Earrings

The simple double ring shape is light and flexible, and it is decorated with bright zircons to add an intellectual atmosphere to the daily...
Bamoer Heart-Shaped & Mouse Earrings Ear clip

Bamoer Heart-Shaped & Mouse Earrings

Playful and lovely mouse with proud gesture will gather the good lucks and fortune in the new year of the rat.Material: Sterling Silver &...
Bamoer Geometry Earrings Women Earrings

Bamoer Geometry Earrings

Simple and unique geometry paired with stylish zircon, exquisite fashion will light up the special you.Material: Sterling SilverProcess: Oxidized Silver & Oil(Dripped)Diameter(Ear): 2cmWeight: 4.2...
Bamoer Dolphin Tail Earrings Rose Gold Earrings

Bamoer Dolphin Tail Earrings

Dolphins are the patron saint of love, but also a symbol of good wisdom.Wearing exquisite dolphin tail ear ring can guard our love, if...
Bamoer Stars Earrings Hoop Earrings

Bamoer Stars Earrings

Simple and stylish star-man elements, thick gold-plated process to make the color full of light.  Material: Sterling Silver & Platinum(Plated)  Stone: Cubic Zirconia Size:...

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